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Inyan Kara is a mountain located 30-40 miles northwest of Newcastle toward Sundance, Wyoming. The Indian name was
“A Mountain Within A Mountain.” During the volcanic age, the area was covered with water followed by fire and so the mountain arose. The rocky rim is visible around the base and resembles the famous Devils Tower. This area was the scene of early homesteaders and the little community boasted a church, school and cemetery. Now, only the cemetery remains.

This area of the state is rich in history, wildlife, minerals, national forests and grasslands. Considerable growth in the area has taken place in recent years due to its abundant mineral resources. The wealth of coal, oil and gas in this part of the state greatly contributes to Wyoming being an energy leader in the nation.

About our Chapter

Newcastle was the setting for the organization of a DAR chapter on April 21, 1921. Mrs. Jessie Berry Webster was the organizing Regent and was elected as the first chapter Regent. There were 12 ladies present who were eligible for membership and several more working on their lineage. The chapter was first known as the “Martha Berry Chapter,” named after Mrs. Webster’s mother. It was noted that a chapter must be named after a notable historical person or place in the area, hence Inyan Kara was chosen. In the chapter’s first years, meetings were held in the members’ homes with much fanfare. Pictures show the ladies in long dresses, gloves and hats. A program was always presented and by newspaper accounts, refreshments were served. It is not known when Gillette became a part of the chapter, but members feel it was sometime in the 1970s. Meetings alternate between Newcastle and Gillette.

The Inyan Kara Chapter, NSDAR, meets the third Saturday of each month alternating between the cities of Newcastle and Gillette.

If you live in the area, or plan to relocate here and are interested in learning more about our DAR chapter contact Megan.

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NSDAR Announcements

The DAR was founded in 1890 and now has over 175,000 members throughout our country and abroad. It is a volunteer women’s service organization whose objectives are historic preservation, patriotism, and education.

The DAR Library is one of the world’s premier genealogical research centers. Among NSDAR records are thousands of names of Revolutionary War patriots that have been proven by members. To learn if your ancestral patriot has been proven in DAR, click here to connect to the DAR Genealogical Research System (GRS) link.

Photo credits:  Esther Hobart Morris Statue: adapted from Matthew Trump, "Wyoming Capitol Morris Statue" May 31, 2005 via Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons Attribution. Grand Teton National Park: adapted from National Park Service, "Jackson Lake". Inyan Kara Mountain used with permission from Pitert.