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As the chapter name indicates, this is an area of the high plains where the low amount of annual rainfall creates a desert-like area. Green River is located in Sweetwater County where elevations are around 6,000 feet.

The Continental Divide runs through this county with waters from the Green River flowing west, while the Sweetwater River flows east. Ranching, recreation, mining and energy production spawn growth in the area.

About our Chapter

If you live in this area or are planning to relocated here, or are interested in finding out more about our NSDAR chapter, contact Elizabeth.

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The DAR Library is one of the world’s premier genealogical research centers. Among NSDAR records are thousands of names of Revolutionary War patriots that have been proven by members. To learn if your ancestral patriot has been proven in DAR, click here to connect to the DAR Genealogical Research System (GRS) link.

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