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Chapter members come from Wheatland, Wyoming and the surrounding area. In 1894, the Carey Act made a million acres open to homesteading. The availability of irrigation water enabled the settling of Platte Valley, making agriculture a mainstay of the area.

The Story of Elizabeth Ramsey – A young woman whose father and brothers were with General Washington at Valley Forge. When she visited them, she saw the need for clothing and comfort. Upon her return home, she organized the women of her community into an aid society to knit caps and mittens for the men of the camp.

Elizabeth carried the articles to the men, regardless of the British forces camped along the road she had to take. When two large sacks of clothing and supplies were ready and loaded on a pack horse, Elizabeth set forth on the journey, which had to be made at night, for the most part. What adventures and perils she encountered we do not know, but she reached Washington’s camp safely. This chapter is honored to bear her name.

About our Chapter

The Elizabeth Ramsey Chapter, NSDAR, was organized in 1925. Organizational work of this chapter was begun in the fall of 1924 by Mrs. Lulie C. Groshon, State Regent. The chapter and its name were accepted by the National Board of Management on April 18, 1925.

Elizabeth Ramsey Chapter meets the third Saturday of each month at the Platte County Library in Wheatland. If you live in the Platte County area and are interested in finding out more about your local NSDAR chapter, contact: Diane.

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The DAR was founded in 1890 and now has over 175,000 members throughout our country and abroad. It is a volunteer women’s service organization whose objectives are historic preservation, patriotism, and education.

The DAR Library is one of the world’s premier genealogical research centers. Among NSDAR records are thousands of names of Revolutionary War patriots that have been proven by members. To learn if your ancestral patriot has been proven in DAR, click here to connect to the DAR Genealogical Research System (GRS) link.

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